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Adult classes


Buxton Black belt academy provides adults classes for students of 13 years and above. The classes cater for a wide range of students wishing to study and qualify in various aspects of martial arts. The adults class is the final development stage within the academy, and all the students passing their black belt have accomplished their goals and achieved the standard which is required by the academy. There is no age limit and it’s never too late to start martial arts.

The structure

Students learn the core competences of a martial artist and improve their characters as they progress through each grade. Each student will learn

· Strength and fitness (how to maintain and progress
· Weight management (through exercise and nutrition)
· Syllabus from white belt to black belt
· Self defence awareness and prevention
· Confidence
· Discipline
· Self respect and respect for others
· Perseverance

Students enrolled into Buxton Black Belt Academy are affiliated to the great Britain martial arts association (GBMAA). This will afford them all the benefits of being part of the biggest multi-styled association in Britain;

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