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A Short History of Master Wayne Edwards
A Martial Arts Journey

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Master Wayne Edwards started Edwards Black belt Schools in Manchester on the 5th of November 2001 and Buxton Black belt Academy in September 2002.

Master Edwards is the Former British Freestyle Karate Champion and highest ranking in the world has been No3 after bringing back the Bronze Medal from the world championships in Corfu.

Tony Higo 1974Tony High Side 1976
Tony with Brother John 1989Tony with Guinness Certificate

He is currently the World Professional Kickboxing Association British Team Coach and has been featured in Martial Arts Illustrated.

Master Edwards has studied many disciplines of Martial Arts and holds Black Belts in Freestyle Karate, Kickboxing , Escrima and a senior grade in Thai Boxing.

Through Master Edwards experience of teaching and coaching athletes at an international level, he has devised a leadership program which has been used by schools and has been very effective in dealing with behavioral issues as well as teaching young people how to tackle bullying.

Since November 2001, Edwards Black belt schools has grown. The main head quarters in Buxton and is one of the largest full time schools of it's kind.


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